Self Guided Walks

Walking Skye

As well as guided walks, we also offer DIY walks. What's the point in that? Well, the problem with doing walks by yourself is that unless you find a circular route, you end up having to retrace your steps in order to get back to your car, which is never the best way to do things. We go with you to position your own car at the finish point, and then take you to the start point and provide you with a detailed route guide. We also make sure you get given information about viewpoints and other items of interest which you'll pass along the way.

If you don't have your own car, then we can arrange the drop off and pick up.

Routes will be suggested according to individual fitness, interests, and desired distance.

Prices start from just £20 per person.

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Isle of Skye

Isle of SkyeThe rugged Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland makes a fantastic location for hiking. Book your day safari to explore the island with our experienced guides. For more general info on the Isle of Skye visit

Booking your Safari

Book your Safari of SkyeIt is easy to book your Skye Wilderness Safari.
We run regular Safaris between May - October. Simply complete our booking form. We run trips on demand, so the more bookings we get, the more trips we run and the more route options we can offer.